Video Smoke Detection (VSD) is a powerful new tool to detect fire even before it can be sensed by any alternative detection method. It can be added to an existing CCTV system or completely bespoke.

VSD is based upon state of the art computer analysis techniques of a video image seen by a CCTV camera.  The Kablefree system can be installed onto an existing standard CCTV system and has the ability to visually verify the presence of smoke and also the severity of the smoke or fire from the CCTV surveillance screen.  The VSDs are so accurate they can even tell the difference between smoke and steam. Once smoke has been detected the processing unit alerts the operator of the system both at the processor and at a variety of remote outputs.

The VSD’s detection zones can be placed anywhere in the view of the camera (sensor) or around items and areas to be protected from fire.  This means that specific areas of high importance can have extra protection should it be deemed necessary.

Technical Specification

  • Up to eight cameras on one system
  • A number of systems can be linked to one monitor
  • Freely programmable
  • 16 opto-isolated relay outputs for the connection to host system
  • Alarm log with automatic storage of 5000 time and date stamped images
  • Supports time lapse video recorders
  • Individual or grouped pixel elimination for highly reflective surfaces
  • Camera shake compensation
  • Adaptive noise sensor compensation for maximum sensitivity
  • Three levels of password protection
  • PAL or NTSC video format
  • Automatic checking for video signal loss, obscuration, low light level, and low contrast level
  • Automatic switching to camera in alarm with queuing
  • Installer controllable sensitivity threshold and response

Advantages of Kablefree Video Smoke Detection


  • Increased response as the detector is not waiting for smoke to reach it
  • Detects smoke at source


  • Detects all types of smoke so no fire will go unnoticed
  • No concern with air movements diluting the smoke
  • The extent of the problem can be seen and assessed to decide what action needs to be taken
  • The ultimate false alarm rejection

Ease of Monitoring

  • The visual image of an area with an alarm can be seen
  • The area of alarm can be zoned to on the monitor screen
  • If a large area is under surveillance it can be split into smaller zones to speed up detection times

Ease of Installation

  • Existing CCTV cameras can be used
  • Fast installation in any building
  • Minimal disruption
  • No need for costly and messy civil works or trenching


  • Excellent value


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